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Fulcrum AG is an established leader in aircraft leasing, providing superior Management and Marketing services.

Founded in 1995 (former Agos, founded in 1986).
Geographic coverage: World wide with vast experience and network in Asia and Middle - East
Owned and operated by industry experts with 35+ years™ experience. 
Driven by customer service and professionalism.
Fulcrum can provide an instant airline (i.e. aircraft, crew, full maintenance, insurance etc) within 30 days of the lease agreement.
Unique customer relationships that have developed strong long term ties with the airlines.
Provides the network needed to satisfy short term leasing needs. 

Innovative techniques for aircraft fleet dispositions:

Worldwide contacts (Satellite offices in Mombay, Jakarta, New York, Montreal, Australia, Athens).
Creative operating and finance leases.
Special skills in interim leasing, including ACMI.

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