Fulcrum AG is:

  • The most experienced wet lease provider in the world 

  • The most experienced in wet leases in the Far East and Middle East

  • The most experienced mass movement operator in the world


Our success comes by making the difficult, easy. The complex, simple. It means:

  • Thinking creatively

  • Doing what's best for our clients

  • Keeping promises

  • Delivering on time

  • Working with the utmost of courtesy, respect and professionalism


We are the solution to:

  • MARKET aircraft internationally using its established customer relationships

  • REDUCE operating cost to carriers in today's highly competitive market

  • AUGMENT INSTANTLY of the carriers existing fleet without considering long-term leases, problem acquisition, crew insurance and maintenance

  • TEST the market for operators before they commit to purchase or long term lease

  • HANDLE the season increases of market requirements

  • PROVIDE AIRCRAFT FOR SUBSERVICE while carrier aircraft are on long MX


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